10 Benefits Of Watermelon

1. Highest Albalising Fruit!
2. Reduces High Blood Pressure.
3. Reduces Heart Disease Risk.
4. Reduces Blood Sugar Level.
5. HIGH Water Content (92%)
6. Boosts Immune System.
7. Strengthens Bones.
8. Produces Energy.
9. Cleanses Kidneys.
10. Fights Cancer
DATE: Fri, 30th Apr. 2021. 1:18pm
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How To Care For Our Ears

Have your ears checked regularly by your primary care Physician. Have your hearing checked by an Audiologist if you or anyone else questions whether your hearing is normal. Consult an ear Physician as necessary.
If you notice unusual bumps or scaly areas on the exterior ear, consult your physician.
Know the warning signs of hearing loss:
*Difficulty hearing conversations, especially in the presence of background noise
*Frequently asking oth...
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Worry: It’s Effect On Health

Worry is disquieting thought, fear, care and anxiety about known realities and unknown future realities. It is deadly and has nothing positive to offer its victims other than to load them with stress and disability and diseases.
Worry wrecks havoc on your health. When you worry, you feel a rush of adrenaline; your heart rate and blood pressure go up. Once this happen, you are at increased risk of numerous health problems.
In addition, worry m...
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Why is it important to eat fruit?
Eating fruit provides the following health benefits;
* It reduces the risk of some chronic diseases.
* Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of body.
* It reduces the risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke
* Protect against cancers
* Reduces obesity and type 2 diabetes
* Reduces the risk of developing kidney stones and helps to decrease bone loss
* It helps to lowe...
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10 Health Benefits Of Parsley

1. Improves Immunity
2. Full of Iron
3. Helps Wounds Heal Faster
4. Promotes a Healthy Heart
5. Balances Body Fluids
7. Full of Antioxidants
8. Helps to Control Arthritis
9. Keeps Your Teeth and Gums Healthy
10. Great for Digestive Health
DATE: Mon, 30th Nov. 2020. 5:34pm
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Benefits of Soursop Leaves

* Healthy Skin
* Healthy Hair
* Treating Cancer
* Treating Osteoporosis, Back Pain and Other Rheumatic Ailments
* Treating Gout
* Treating Ulcers
* Treating Blood Disorders
* Treating Hypertension
* Treating Sleeplessness
* Lowering Body Temperature
* Boosting Immunity
* Fighthing Infection
* Treating Diabetes
DATE: Wed, 30th Sep. 2020. 9:31pm
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Tips On How To Stay Away From Breast Cancer

* Self-examination:- women should begin self-examination at the early age of 20; it should be done at least once a month after their period finishes. Those in menopause age should also examine themselves at the beginning of every month. If you notice any changes in your breast, visit your doctor. It helps prevent/identify breast cancer early.
* Mammogram: - it is breast x-ray picture. it can also help to identify breast cancer early.
* Bre...
DATE: Tue, 1st Sep. 2020. 10:40am
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Health benefits of Peanut

* Rich in energy.
* Helps to manage Cholesterol
* Fights stomach cancer
* Fights against heart diseases
* Reduces the chances of stroke
* Protects skin
* Lower risk of weight gain
* Helps against Gall stones
* Helps in fertility management
* Regulates blood sugar
* Fights depression
DATE: Fri, 31st Jul. 2020. 2:03pm
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Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

For the water therapy to be effective, it is advisable not to add anything to the water like lemon, vinegar, or ginger.
Also, you can drink your morning water normal or warm depending on what you are comfortable with.
Below are some benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning.
* It helps eliminate toxins and improves skin health.
* It jump start your metabolism.
* It helps re-hydrate the body.
* Helps fuel the brain.
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Mango is a fruit which grow to a height of 25m.
The fruit is oval with a thin yellow, orange, or greenish skin, and a hard flat pit. There are different species of the fruit such as cherry, yellow, German and English.
They are noted for their aroma, delicate flavor, dietary and healing power.
They contain small amount of magnesium and iron. Mango can be eaten fresh or use in preparation of juice, jam and jellies.
* It protects the arteries...
DATE: Sat, 30th May. 2020. 2:21pm
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