Child Molestation is known as child sexual abuse. It is a secret crime involving a range of indecent sexual activities between an adult and a child.
According to the National Violence Against Children Survey, it established that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 10 boys experience sexual violence before the age of 18 in one way or the other.
* Defilement
* Rape
* Fingering
* Making a child watch pornography
* Exposing the gen...
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Nourished And Cherished

* When God created mothers, He made two loving arms to cradle and shelter us from world harm.
* When God created mothers, He made two pairs of hands to care for us and guide us through our choices and divine plans.
*When God created mothers, He made the warmest heart to understand and give our lives happy and loving start.
Why God created mothers is not mystery…………..
He meant to share His love with us, and He did perfectly.
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Benefits Of Proper Training Of Our Children

Successful parenting attracts great dividends: nothing on earth gives greater delight than the sight of balanced and properly trained child living out God’s purpose for his life. Child training is an investment that pays far greater dividends than any other investment and it is the most fulfilling job which God himself rewards. Great men and women of worth in all ages have attributed their success in life to good parenting. If we spend quality ...
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You Can Be The Best

Hello Children!
You are welcome into the New Year 2021!
I want to invite you to the world of the best and to remind you that there is a seed of greatness laid inside of you. You must rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you (Is. 60:1). Let’s take a look at the life of some children in the bible, and see how they excelled as the best amongst their peers.
The bible records in I Sam. 17:14. David...
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Develop Your Child's Potentials.(2 Timothy 1: 6)

As Parents, you should help your child to develop his God given gifts right from cradle, so that he/she can live his/her full and true potential in life.
The guidelines below will assist you:
* Spend time with your child: you’ll need to come down to his/her level, spend time with him/her, and show interest in what he’s/she's interested in.
* Appreciate your child ability: be on the lookout for things to praise in him/her for.
* E...
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Building Your Children’s Faith In God

Faith in God is essential in our walk with Him. In fact, it is the basis of our relationship with God because without faith in Christ’s finished work of redemption, no one can be saved. Even, after we get born again, we cannot please God without faith.
Faith is the key that grants us access to the divine treasury in times of need. With faith, Christian can go through life’s challenges triumphantly. Faith is absolute trust and total depe...
DATE: Fri, 30th Oct. 2020. 6:03pm
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Empowering Your Talent

Talent is a potential that the Lord has deposited in you to make you different from your other friends and colleagues.
There are some things that you can do that others can't.
For your talent to be empowered, you must consider the following:
1. Start wherever you are
2. Choose your friends wisely
3. Stop blaming others
4. Make tough decisions and stand by them
5. Be disciplined
6. Determination
Remember, if you want your future to b...
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Wisdom of God is the unfolding of the way out and the way up. Wisdom is discovering the way out of every situation. At this time, you need the wisdom of God to see you through; Many things are happening fast around, the only thing we need is Gods wisdom.
* Nothing guarantees like wisdom
* Nothing empowers like wisdom
* Nothing secures like wisdom
* Nothing enriches like wisdom
* Nothing relaxes like wisdom
* Nothing stabilizes like wisdom...
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Basic Quality Of A Parent

Just as School Teacher must have basic qualifications in the subject they teach, a Parent must be qualify to teach children spiritual and moral lessons.
The following are the qualifications a parent must have before he/she can successfully raise good and godly children.
As a parent, you must have had an encounter with Jesus Christ and be vast in the scriptures.
* You must have a solemn behaviour. Children learn more from what they see. Ther...
DATE: Fri, 31st Jul. 2020. 1:55pm
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Remedy For Strange Children

Evidently, many things are contending for the souls of our children, and every parent should be sincerely concerned about their derailing children.
Here are some of the ways you can win your children to the Lord as a Christian parent.
* Lead them to Jesus. (Jn 3:14-15).This means there is still hope of restoration for your wayward children.
* Teach them to repent of their sins and accept the Lord Jesus who was crucified for them.
* Rid them...
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