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Basic Quality Of A Parent

Basic Quality Of A Parent
Just as School Teacher must have basic qualifications in the subject they teach, a Parent must be qualify to teach children spiritual and moral lessons.
The following are the qualifications a parent must have before he/she can successfully raise good and godly children.

As a parent, you must have had an encounter with Jesus Christ and be vast in the scriptures.
  • You must have a solemn behaviour. Children learn more from what they see. Therefore, to train them, you must have a good character.
  • You must possess the ability to communicate the gospel convincingly to your children.
  • You must be patient and tender. Children are weak and fragile; They tend to get discouraged over little things so much that they may not want to have anything to do with God. Therefore, be patient and tender in dealing with them.
  • You must have a large heart. This means that you must love your children dearly. They should be able to lean on, trust and confide in you.
  • You must live in obedience to God’s word and make your children to emulate you.
  • You must be approachable. A fierce countenance and harsh tone can scare children away.
  • You must be very prayerful. Spend time to pray for every of your children regularly so that they will receive the grace to live righteous and holy lives.

  • In other words, you must practise what you teach your children.

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