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GOD Of Impossibilities (Luke: 1:37)

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Dear Friend, it is now the fourth month of the year and very fast 2021 is rolling by. I would love to ask you a question: How much better is your life today than yesterday? The sing song of many is the victories of yester years. They have no new victories. They have covered no new grounds. Please hear me dear reader, any man who prides himself only of victories of yesterday is a man of yesterday. He has no relevance in the now. May you not be that kind of man in Jesus name.

As we journey along in 2021, may I have you know dear reader that God’s biggest delight is doing what men have called impossible.

Let us examine the spiritual importance of Isa. 43:18-19 for a moment.
“…I will even make a way in the wilderness…”(Isa 43:19B) I do not know that man or woman who is reading this piece right now and all around you there is thick darkness; no light or any sign that there will soon be light. You have come to the limits of your wits and the end of your wisdom. But the word of God is coming to you today. God is making a way of escape for you. Dear reader, I like to emphasize that the delight of God is doing the impossible. Impossibility is the specialty of our God.

The book of Mark Chapter 4 recorded the event of the wild storm when Jesus was asleep right at the innermost part of the cabin. Everyone in that ship on that day was afraid. They believed they would die. But Jesus right in the middle of the storm was fast asleep; it took some time to even wake Him. They said to him “Carest not thou that we perish?” That day Jesus did one more new thing. Right in their presence he spoke the word “Peace be still” and the wind obeyed. They exclaimed “What manner of man is this? Even the wind and the storms obey him”. Listen to me reader: that long-standing problem of your life that you believe would cost you a fortune or even your life savings will disappear at the word of the master.

In Isa 43:19C God says “I will make rivers in the desert”. Please note, NOT “a river” BUT “rivers”. By definition a desert is a place where no plant can grow because there is never water in and around it. As a result of this a desert is always lonely and deserted. Is there anyone reading this piece who is in that condition? Perhaps you have been avoided by men like a plague. It could be because of a malignant medical condition or a terrible financial situation. It is even possible that family and friends do not pick your calls anymore; maybe you have become so much a burden to them. Hear me dear reader, your glory will speak yet again. Very 6soon men will come to the glory of your rising. I have the assurance of God to say to you this day “You will not die like this” God, even our God will show up for you. Behold, our God will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? He will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers our deserts.

Please understand dear friend that this is not just a mere promise. This is the very character of our God. Recall the story of Lazarus being dead for four days; by the time of Jesus’s arrival he had started to rot. Jesus came and turned a dead situation alive. Please note that God has no impossibility in His dictionary and whatever you desire of Him in your honest prayers he will make them come to pass.

Happy New Month.

DATE: Thu, 1st Apr. 2021 9:09pm
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