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God Will Do It Again

O Lord, I have heard of what you have done, and I am filled with awe. Now do again in our times the great deeds you used to do. Be merciful, even when you are angry. (GNB; Habakkuk 3:2)

Like people in Habakkuk time, we have heard what the Lord has done in the Bible days both in the Old and New Testament and early Apostles:
  • how Israel was delivered from Pharaoh by God’s mighty hands,
  • Red Sea and Jordan parted for His people to walk on dry land inside the water,
  • how moon and sun stood still,
  • how the blind saw, the lame walked,
  • barren women became mother of children,
  • incurable diseases were cured, poor became rich,
  • catapult stone killing a veteran of war despite putting armor covering from head to toe
  • etc

  • Beloved, because you and I believe God will do all these wonders and many more once again in our time in Jesus wonderful name. We shall surely experience notable miracles that cannot be denied in our lives and Churches in Jesus mighty name.

    Be expectant, you are next on the line to show case His glory. Amen.

    DATE: Fri, 30th Apr. 2021 5:49pm
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