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The Lord has done these

I bless God for saving me from domestic accident and also for His protection on me and my family.

I bless God for saving my son from untimely death, for journey mercy and for answered prayer.
-Daddy Omonua

I thank for His protection on me and my family, the Lord granted me grace to see another year of my birthday.
-Mummy Yussuf

I bless God for healing me from kidney infection.
-Sis. Ngozi Chikezie

I thank God for all round goodness in my life and family.
-Bro. Adegbola

I bless God for His mercy and kindness since I joined this church.
-Bro. Ambrose

I put in for a competition, God surprised me and I was favoured among the rest.
-Eddy Lawrence.

Our house was flooded due to a tap that was left running; I bless the name of the Lord that nobody was electrocuted.
-Dcn. Tunde Oduniyi

DATE: Fri, 5th Jul. 2019 5:47pm
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