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The Lord Has Done It Again!

  • Year 2020 was full of challenges for me and my family but God saw us through. My Son had an accident and was taken to the theater three times and God saw us through. Also the Lord granted me another year of my birthday. -Mummy Soyode
  • I bless the name of the Lord for upholding my life and my family. Also, when I was on admission in the hospital, armed robbers came to the hospital, robbed some wards but did not come to my ward. Today, the Lord has granted me grace to see another year of my birthday. - Bro. Abiodun Akande.
  • I was on my way for a ministration on Lagos Island with my friends when a car ran into our car and both cars caught fire. We sustained injuries from the accident but no life was lost. Glory be to God. -Bro.Ikechukwu Felix.
  • I thank God for His supernatural power and divine lifting. -Sis. Eluyera Tosin
  • I bless God for His faithfulness in my family and also for saving one of my sisters from domestic accident. -Cynthia kelechukwu.
  • I give glory to God for who He is in my life. God supported me to build a house for my Parents in our village. Also, I thank God for the success of the burial of my father. -Bro. Ebhodaghe

  • DATE: Mon, 1st Feb. 2021 12:19pm
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