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Steps To Godly Parenting

DEVELOP A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: (Deut. 6 vs 5:6) God wants Parents to understand that they cannot transfer to their children what they do not possess. The foundation for both great marriage and successful parenting is to love God above every other god(s)or thing(s)

MAKE THE WORD OF GOD YOUR STANDARD: God?s word is full of instruction about child?s training. It is the standard that we are to use to raise children that are God fearing.

PARENTS MUST BE ON THE SAME PAGE: If Parents are not in agreement, their children will skillfully manipulate to get their ways.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN: Parents must shield their children by monitoring the television programme they watch, installing filter on internet, regulating and overseeing the use of cell phones and reviewing books and materials that are used in school. Also they must safeguard their children by not allowing them to be alone with anyone they do not completely trust or know. Protection also includes training children to resist and report any improper touch.

BLESS YOUR CHILDREN: To bless your children is to speak a message that attaches high value and picture a special future for them with an active commitment as Parents to help them fulfill it. Make sure you take time to regularly bless each of your children.

DATE: Fri, 5th Jul. 2019 5:50pm
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