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Importance of living a holy life

Holy living brings your children closer to God because a desire for God’s holiness is also desire for God. A holy life attracts God and paves the way for a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. The connection between a holy life and intimate relationship with God is well expressed by King David in Psalm 15: 1-2

Also, teaching children that God is holy, pure and perfect in every way, will build in them an unshakable foundation for a stable faith in life.
Living a sanctified and separated life is the secret of living a life of power and victory through Jesus Christ.
When children learn how to live a life that is pleasing to God and grow up loving the Lord, they will have a steadfast and strong faith that is guided by the Holy Spirit.
A sinful life brings fatal consequences both here on earth and in eternity.

Holy living is a great safeguard for your children. It will preserve them from the corrupting influence of this present evil world.

DATE: Thu, 28th Nov. 2019 12:10pm
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