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Teach your children about the end time

Some people have argued that letting children know about the rapture and events of the last days is tantamount to scaring them.
The truth is that no Parent who understands the need for their children to take part in the rapture will deprive them of knowing about such an all important global event. You need to empower them with all available information about rapture so as to prepare them to partake in it.

Moreover, there is no better time to teach them about the end time events than now. Start teaching them now.
Use every available medium and method to teach them. Take advantage of social media to reach those that are staying far away from you.

Reasons why you should teach your children about the end time event:
* It gives them comfort and assurance
* It keeps them on guard
* It equips them with biblical doctrines
* It gets them prepare for the rapture.

DATE: Wed, 1st Apr. 2020 4:57pm
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