Building Your Children’s Faith In God

Faith in God is essential in our walk with Him. In fact, it is the basis of our relationship with God because without faith in Christ’s finished work of redemption, no one can be saved. Even after we are born again, we cannot please God without faith.
Faith is the key that grant us access to the divine treasury in times of trouble. With faith, Christian can go through life’s challenges triumphantly. Faith is absolute trust and total depe...
DATE: Fri, 4th Oct. 2019. 12:41pm
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Holiness is also for children

Unconsciously, some Christian Parents have bought into the idea of the fun-loving world that children should be preoccupied with fun, games and activities than with religion and relationship with God. According to them, teaching children about God and his holiness is simply too grand because their little minds cannot fully grasp it. Some others feel that once children make a profession of faith in Christ, then that’s enough, assuming that the t...
DATE: Sat, 31st Aug. 2019. 4:57pm
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Holiday Break - Golden rules for parents

Hello Children!
Hope you are enjoying your holiday break?
Parents, Please let us be on lookout for our children during this break.
* Let us make sure that they are within our care.
* Let us be sure of the person we release our children to spend the holiday with.
* Let us watch for our maids, we should not leave our children alone with them (if possible. Let us enroll them for Summer Classes.
*We should be careful not to expose th...
DATE: Thu, 1st Aug. 2019. 2:28pm
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Steps To Godly Parenting

DEVELOP A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: (Deut. 6 vs 5:6) God wants Parents to understand that they cannot transfer to their children what they do not possess. The foundation for both great marriage and successful parenting is to love God above every other god(s)or thing(s)
MAKE THE WORD OF GOD YOUR STANDARD: God?s word is full of instruction about child?s training. It is the standard that we are to use to raise children that are God fearing....
DATE: Fri, 5th Jul. 2019. 5:50pm
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Dividend of raising your child to fear the LORD

When you teach your child to fear the Lord, both you and your child stand to gain a lot.
For instance, a parent who has a child that fears the Lord will live peacefully now and in her old age. She will be the envy of her peers. She will receive the blessings of the Lord, and her child will bless and honour her.
And for the child who fears the Lord;
* He/she will grow in wisdom. Prov. 1:7
* He/she will be motivated to flee from evil. The ...
DATE: Fri, 31st May. 2019. 2:01pm
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Teach your children about the end time

Some people have argued that letting children know about the rapture and events of the last days is tantamount to scaring them. The truth is that no parents who understand the need for their children to take part in the rapture will deprive them of knowing about such an all important global event. You need to empower them with all available information about rapture so as to prepare them to partake in it.
Moreover, there is no better time to t...
DATE: Wed, 3rd Apr. 2019. 5:25pm
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