OPEN DOORS (Revelation 3:8)

OPEN DOORS (Revelation 3:8)

LI know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.
The Bible speaking of the heritage of Jesus in Isa 22:22 says “And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.”
Every time you hear the word “open doors” it talks about ...
DATE: Fri, 1st Sep. 2023. 9:46am
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Health Tips

Health Tips

* 1. Coconut and groundnut are sexual drive enhancers.
* 2. Carrot and cucumbers are sperm boosters!
* 3. Swimming enhances your memory.
* 4. Dancing reduces stress.
* 5. Exercise is a life extending therapy.
* 6. Frequent talking with enthusiasm is anti-aging.
* 7. Masturbation Isa bad habit. It can cause eye defect, weakness of male private organ and reduces your libido from 50yrs
* 8. Congested vocal cavity is potentially hazardous. Br...
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*Bro. Akande*
I want to bless the name of the Lord for miracle in my family. My sister slept for three days in the hospital she was taken to. She was struggling to open her eyes but couldn't. I join the brethren here in the Church to pray. I presented her case to God during a session of thanksgiving and Praise.That same day, my Sister woke up.
*Sis. Akintunde*
I returned all glory to God, God did not allow the will of the devil to come to ...
DATE: Fri, 1st Sep. 2023. 12:53am
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Wisdom of God is the unfolding of the way out and the way up. Wisdom is the discovering the way out of every situation. At this time, you need the wisdom of God to see you through. Many things are happening fast around, the only thing we need is God's wisdom.

* Nothing guarantee like wisdom
* Nothing empowers like wisdom
* Nothing secures like wisdom
* Nothing enriches like wisdom
* Nothing relaxes like wisdom
* Nothing stabilizes like ...
DATE: Fri, 1st Sep. 2023. 12:50am
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* I bless God for the salvation of my soul and for 18 years wedding anniversary. -Bro. Tunde Oduniyi
* I thank God for not allowing the counsel of enemies to come to pass in my family. God save my wife from stung by a scorpion. -Bro. Bayo Akinifesi
* I bless God for his faithfulness in my life. God did not allow my child's hand to be amputated. -Sis. Blessing Joseph
* Thanking God on behalf of my younger ones. God saved me from accident and r...
DATE: Tue, 1st Aug. 2023. 10:29am
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Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations

*Eph 3:20* _Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,_
Disappointment is a hard thing to live with, and sometimes we feel disappointed with God and the circumstances of our lives. The question we sometimes find ourselves asking God is "How could you let this happen to me?"
The truth however is that the real battle is NOT what happens to us, but HOW we resp...
DATE: Tue, 1st Aug. 2023. 10:16am
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Season of Fulfillment

Season of Fulfillment

*(Joshua 21:43-45)*
_43. And the Lord gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein._
_44. And the Lord gave them rest round about, according to all that he sware unto their fathers: and there stood not a man of all their enemies before them; the Lord delivered all their enemies into their hands._
_45. There failed not ought of any good thing which the Lord had spoken unto. th...
DATE: Sat, 1st Jul. 2023. 10:30am
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I came from Kogi State to attend my son’s introduction. I bless God for successful ceremony and for journey mercy. Also, I am thanking God for His faithfulness in this Christian race. -Mummy Rebecah Alonge
I bless God for His faithfulness and for another year of my birthday. -Timothy Olaniyan
I thank God on behalf of my Mum. God kept her to see another year of her birthday. -Inioluwa Yahaya
DATE: Fri, 30th Jun. 2023. 5:59pm
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* I bless God on behalf of my grandchild for another year. -Mummy Ademola Eunice
* I thank God for witnessing another year of my life. -Akintunde Mercy
* I thank God on behalf of my Sister that delivered safely. I also thank God for my birthday this year. -Sister Titilayo Oladeji
* I bless God on behalf of a child that was playing under a car, and the car did not crush him. -Mrs. Olubunmi
* I returned all glory back to God concerning my schoo...
DATE: Thu, 1st Jun. 2023. 12:00pm
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* Bassey Daniel Aniekan - June 2
* Adesuyi Segun - June 4
* Timothy Olaniyan - June 6
* Adeosun Deborah - June 6
* Sis. Yahaya Kumbi - June 7
* Williams Eunice - June 7
* Sowole Zainab - June 7
* Oladeji Titilayo - June 7
* Ademeso Temidayo - June 10
* Onogbo Gift Eseoghene - June 11
* Akpata Abigael Praise - June 13
* Odegbami Ayomiposi - June 16
* Adeluola Motunrayo - June 19
* Akinade Kehinde - June 19
* Delight Akpata - June 23
DATE: Thu, 1st Jun. 2023. 11:56am
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