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When people use the word "entrepreneur? to describe themselves as though it?s a new acronym for "jobless but passing time", I laugh. I laugh because I know that entrepreneurship is service to humanity. I laugh because a true entrepreneur disdained a great many easier choices to walk that road alone. On a day like this I think it is important to give a word of hope to someone out there who?s been trudging this road with much resolve and little result.

Sometimes, business coaches sound as though the problem is with just inconsistency or lack of intensity or product-market mismatch and on and on and on. The reality is that sometimes you will do it ALL right and still get no result. What do you do at such times?- Hang in there!!!
See brother, you cannot afford to go back. Not just because of you but because of the many destinies that depend on you. As entrepreneurs, we are life givers. We carry the destinies and means of other men on our shoulders. So, if you go back, you?re taking a few people with you.

Let me share with you the PRINCIPLE OF COMPOUNDED EFFECT!
It states that "Every major life occurrence; failure or success is a product of several events whose effects are multiplied daily on the eventual outcome? Your marketing efforts might look like a waste because you are not yet getting results, but NO, it is not! Your knowledge acquisition might look like a waste of time because you are not yet making money, but NO, it is not!

Dear business owner, my heart speaks to you this morning because I feel your pain. Hang in there! Stay the course. You cannot go back, no, not at this point. You are gone past half the journey to Canaan! You can?t go back now! Not just because of you but because of your many destiny benefactors. If you fail, you are not just going to account in Heaven for your failure. You will also account for theirs. If you keep showing up for your dreams faithfully, it will not be long before your dream will show up for you. IT WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR. GO OUT YET AGAIN TODAY AND LIVE THAT DREAM.

Happy new month.

DATE: Fri, 31st May. 2019 2:20pm
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