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Some call it APRIL FOOL but for you, it shall be:

  • APRIL full of abundant blessings.
  • APRIL full of good health.
  • APRIL full of favour.
  • APRIL full of mercy.
  • APRIL full of fruitfulness.
  • APRIL full of joy.
  • APRIL full of God's goodness.
  • APRIL full of honor.
  • APRIL full of progress.
  • APRIL full of gainful and productive ideas.
  • APRIL full of promotion.
  • APRIL full of God's help.
  • APRIL full of fame.
  • APRIL full of financial breakthrough.
  • APRIL full of all goodies of life
  • APRIL full of a closer walk with God

  • Welcome to your month of FULLNESS from God. Happy new month
    Stay home and stay safe

    DATE: Wed, 1st Apr. 2020 5:23pm
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