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Starting Right: Kingdom Palace's seminar for entrepreneurs

Starting Right: Kingdom Palace's seminar for entrepreneurs
In trying to increase the amount of multimillion and multibillion dollar businesses in Nigeria, and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills, The leadership and workforce at RCCG Kingdom Palace, hosted a conference on Saturday, January 29th, to mark its 12th anniversary.

With the theme “Starting Right, Growing Big”, and featuring 3 illustrious CEOS as guest speakers; Timi Ologunoye of Autochek Technology, Dr. Jide Adedeji of Easy Sauces and Olumide Gbadebo of Adunni Organics- the conference started by 10am inside the church auditorium and lasted till shortly after 2pm; with the intent of imparting grace and experience, while believing God to produce the next Dangote.

After appreciating the zonal head Pastor Sunday for the platform, along with a brief overview of the guest speakers portfolio, Bunmi Jembola, the MC eased into the event proper by granting two business owners within the auditorium two minutes each to discuss their brands and products.

Making the cut was Akinade Abigail Oluwatoyin of J3 African Foods, who primarily markets branded pap in a variety of tastes and sizes, and Oluwabunmi Akinbule of Right Choice, who sells cassava flour with less starch content. “No matter what you are doing or the level it is, you can never tell where God is taking you, Bunmi Jembola added.

God doesn't create rubbish
First speaker was Timi Ologunoye, a child of God whose life purpose is helping people to realize their desired outcome in life and also co-founder of Autochek Africa, a multi million dollar company with tentacles across several African countries and financial institutions.

Citing Bible verses to pass his points, Timi began with Genesis:1, highlighting how God created us the same way money will flow in the direction of value creation, “And though some have found a need, but they keep analyzing the perfect condition to start, whereas verse 2 of Genesis states that the earth was without form and void.”
“Verse 26 states when God decided to make man, so unless you start and execute, ideas are useless”.

Other interesting points he mentioned include overcoming laziness, fear of failure, starting small, willingness to experiment, along with the importance of building systems and structure, with financial intelligence.

Transform your nothing special into something special.
The elegant Olumide Gbadebo was next to inspire with her broad insights. A former medical practitioner and advertising expert who turned to become the cosmetologist CEO of Adunni Organics, Olumide began by emphasizing on “to get something good, you have to give something good” and “if making money is your problem, go and get a job” before she moved the conference in another round of interactive session with participants.

“Nigeria has a poverty mindset but we are not poor. There’s a lot of money in this country, what you need is to develop the idea and add the special ingredient called excellence. Transform your nothing special into something special. You may be trying your best but your best may not be what is required”

Sometimes your help is in helping others.
Gifting out soup sachets to everyone in attendance, the benevolent Dr. Jide Adedeji, CEO of Easy Sauces, delivered his presentation by admonishing participants not to begin any business on the basis of “I want to make money, but to serve, help and further the kingdom of God.”

A lecturer at the Lagos Business School, with over 10 US patents, and businessman across 3 continents, Dr. Adedeji advised that “there is no secret in business, but to share your ideas, and maintain resilience, as networking is critical for business growth.” Mentioning that it would be a shame to come out and not interacted to help people, Dr. Adedeji expressed sincere interest towards helping producers package and put their products on store shelves.

The illuminating conference went on to have a panelist session wherein the guest speakers fielded questions from participants, before ending shortly around past 2, and progressed into an afternoon of health and wellness checkup, giving out welfare packages to the community, and finally ending with an evening crusade to celebrate the doings of the Lord of hosts in their midst.

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