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Domestic accidents occur in and around the home. Some of the common causes of injuries sustained at home include electrical shock, fire outbreak, and drug misuse, to mention few. These accidents can be avoided if necessary precautionary measures are taken to prevent them. Below are some tips to help avoid these accidents and keep our loved ones saved from them.

? Electrical safety: never overload electric sockets or extension cords. Plug large appliances such as electric kettle or refrigerator directly into separate power outlets. If appliances have worn, torn or damaged, stop using them and have them changed by professionals.

? Preventing fire accident: properly install smoke alarms and fire extinguisher in your house along with escape routes and plans in case of fire outbreak.

? Take caution in the kitchen: place heavy items close to the ground not on high shelves. Sharp and dangerous objects like knives should be properly secured and kept out of reach of children. Don't leave pots and stoves in use unattended. Always keep an eye on children around kitchen fireplace.

? Safety with medicine: medicines or chemicals of any sort should always be kept at designated spots; preferably in a safe place or lockable cabinets, away from the reach of children.

DATE: Tue, 7th Aug. 2018 1:50pm
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