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You can't go far in life if all you want is "Just enough"
? Just enough to pay bills.
? Just enough to fill your quota.
? Just enough to meet your target.
? Just enough to take care of family.
? Just enough to get past failure.

Many people play in life to "keep from losing". That's the surest way to lose. That was what Super Eagles did in Russia 2018. Keeping from losing is extremely different than playing to win. Those who play JUST well enough to avoid failure NEVER win.
What wins in life is being recklessly "all-out". What wins ultimately is doing TOO much. If you are not doing too much for your business you haven't even started. If you are not doing too much for success you don't even stand a chance.

Oh yeah, people will complain and that is exactly what you want. You want to be audacious enough about your life and goals to the point people become angry and say "your own is too much". You want to be all-out-enough putting your brand everywhere for people to come to your inbox and say "What exactly are you trying to do? What do you call yourself" But then you won't care because that's the validation you need that the market is taking notice. Go all out. Do too much

DATE: Sat, 1st Sep. 2018 9:21am
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