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The Lord Has Done These

I gave this testimony on behalf of my friend who had an accident and was saved by God. Also, this month of March is my birthday.
-Bro. Femi Ojo

I thank God for His healing hands upon my life; He healed me of partial stroke and high BP.
-Mummy Oyin

I bless God for His faithfulness and mercy in my family. This month is my birthday, my Son’s birthday and my wedding anniversary.
-Sis. Akintunde

Ten years ago, I fell down while I was pregnant and due for delivery but God saved me and I delivered safely. This month, my son will be ten years old. Also I thank God on behalf of my Brother and Sister.
-Sis. Amaka

Two weeks ago, my husband fell in the bathroom and hit his head against the sink. He lost a lot of blood but God saved him.
-Sis. Adebisi

I thank God for journey mercy and thank God on behalf of Mummy Pastor.
-Daddy Omonua

I bless God for His mercy upon my life. Last year, I completed my master degree; Praise God, this month is my birthday.
-Bro. Gbenga

I thank God on behalf of my Mum who has been so supportive and prayerful, also thank God for another year of my birthday.

I bless God for His help in my place of work, also thank God for my son’s birthday.
-Bro. Lawrence.

DATE: Wed, 1st Apr. 2020 4:45pm
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