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I had a terrible dream that got me scared. I prayed and fasted. Later in 2022, I had a pain on my leg, I took analgesic and that was the last thing I knew but God revived and healed me. I’m also thanking God for my granddaughter’s birthday.
- Mummy Ajadi

I bless God for His faithfulness in my family and also thanking Him for my husband’s birthday.
- Sis. Akintunde

I thank God for successful completion of Senior Certificate Examination. The Lord made the examination easy and successful.
I also bless God for another year of my Sister’s birthday.
- David Yahaya

I bless God for success in my JAMB and WAEC Exams. Also, thanking God for my sister’s birthday.
- Tomisin Odunuyi

I had a terrible cough that was later diagnosed as tuberculosis. It was so terrible. This year February, God healed me completely.
- Eddie Lawrence

I bless God on behalf of my Parents. This month is their wedding anniversary
Also this month is my birthday. Halleluyah!
- Olawale Timilehin

I bless God for another year of my daddy’s birthday.
- Abolade Adeleye

DATE: Mon, 1st Aug. 2022 11:42am
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