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  • I was on my way to deliver some goods, the tricycle I took almost had a collision with another one but God took control and saved me. Also, this month is my birthday. -Sis. Taiwo Fagbuyiro
  • I am testifying on behalf of my sister that was sick and was told will undergo surgery. As we were praying; Pastor said a word and the operation was successful. -Sis. Samuel.
  • I bless God for saving my family from one form of accident or another,. Also, God bless my sister that has been waiting for 11years with a baby. -Sis. Ada Oduniyi
  • I bless God for another year in the land of the living. -Sis. Omomobi.
  • On my way from work, my car had issue and we have to wait for the driver to check it. While waiting, we were attacked by robbers, they took few things from us but they let us go without a scratch. -Sis. Amaka Adegbola
  • My son sat for an exam, the result was withheld. To the glory of God, the exam was rescheduled. -Sis. Yahaya
  • I bless God for journey mercy and successful burial of my Mum. -Sis. Oyabunmi Hope
  • I thank God for supporting my career, God provides a job for me. -Bro. Emmanuel
  • I bless God on behalf of my goddaughter that got married in 2015 and has been waiting on God for fruit of the womb. She did IVF but was not successful. To the glory of God, she conceived after prayer with handkerchief bless by Daddy Adeboye(Daddy G.O) and gave birth to the glory of God. -Mummy Adedugbe

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