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  • I bless God for His faithfulness in my family. Last month, God gave me surprise wonderful gift. -Mummy Ajadi
  • I thank God for gift of life, for another year in the life of the living. -Morowooluwa Owolade
  • I gained admission into the university of my choice. Praise God! -Oduniyi Tomisin
  • On my way to my work place, my tricycle nearly collides with another vehicle but God saved me. -David Alocious
  • I bless God on behalf of my family, for the journey of nine months. I delivered safely; also God did not allow my husband to lose his job. -Sister Okpara
  • I thank God for another year of my birthday. -Seun Olamide
  • I bless God for His faithfulness and mercy on me and my family. This month is another year of my birthday; also, He sends help to me from above. -Mummy Ibitoye
  • I bless God for the gift of life and another year in the land of the living. -Bro. Dapo Akinlolu
  • I give God the glory for diverting evil away from me and my family. -Mummy Adedugbe

  • DATE: Sat, 1st Oct. 2022 12:38pm
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