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Leading Your Child To The Holy Spirit Baptism (part 2)

Children need God’s power more than ever, right now! So why wait until your child becomes an adult before allowing him/her enter into the fullness of God’s spirit? You can lead him/her into the experience today. How do you do that? First, model the Spirit-filled life before him/her. As you cannot lead someone where you have never been yourself, so also you cannot effectively lead your child into the baptism with the Holy Spirit experience until you receive him yourself. If you have not receive the Spirit baptism with initial evidences of speaking in tongues, now is the time to seek it.
Children learn by imitation. If you model a Spirit-filled life before your child, he/she will learn from your example. In fact, children learn better by watching your example than by listening to your words. Exhibit the extraordinary gifts of wisdom, knowledge, discernment, faith and working of miracles before your child. Let him/ her see your boldness in preaching the gospel and in everything you do as well as your fervency in prayer, then you will be an advertisement of spirit-filled life.

In addition to modeling the Spirit-filled life, set aside specific times to teach your child about the Holy Spirit and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. It is important to teach a child who the Holy Spirit is, , what he does in the life of a Christian and the benefits of being baptized with the Holy Spirit. When children are exposed to the Holy Spirit and receive answers to their question, they will desire to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

DATE: Sat, 2nd Feb. 2019 7:58pm
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