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Nourished And Cherished

  • When God created mothers, He made two loving arms to cradle and shelter us from world harm.
  • When God created mothers, He made two pairs of hands to care for us and guide us through our choices and divine plans.

  • *When God created mothers, He made the warmest heart to understand and give our lives happy and loving start.

    Why God created mothers is not mystery…………..
    He meant to share His love with us, and He did perfectly.

    Sadly, Mothers are fast losing their roles, values and virtues in our modern world. In the rat race for success and position, they now pursue their personal goals to the detriments of their children. Instead of the usual maternal influence, the TV and the Computer now babysit children.

    Parents, don’t neglect these God’s gifts, let them feel safe and fulfilled in life. Don’t neglect your duties and responsibilities towards them.

    Remember, your children need your presence more than your present.

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