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The home is your Children first classroom and you are their first teacher. Although, they may not utter any meaningful word yet, their little eyes see quite a lot. Be sure they are storing in their brains the things they see you do. Set good examples for them because they carefully watch and unconsciously mimic you. They will replicate your behavior and way of life.

An undeniable fact is that your child will not always remain a child. As they grows older, your influence becomes more significant. They match your precepts with your practices, to see if they agree. If they do, they follow with ease, but if they conflicts, they get confused and rebel against you and your ideas. Children spot hypocrisy and double standard more quickly than your mind can fathom. Therefore, to have a positive influence on your child, define your values, moral and human values, and follow through on them faithfully.

It is no news that some children nurse the desire to be like their Parents when they grow older, and the reason for that is not farfetched. Their Parents' lives are worthy of emulation. They see in those Parents who they want to become in future. Are you what your child wants to become? What kind of model are you to your child.

Remember, they are watching whatever you do in their presence, good or evil, right or wrong. Live right if you want them to grow upright.

DATE: Sat, 1st Oct. 2022 12:21pm
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