Many of us ignore cashew nut not knowing how beneficial it can be to our health. Here in this article, I will be listing Nine(9) Health Benefits of cashew nut:
1. Prevents Cancer: This is one of the major benefits of cashew nut. With the help of the proanthocyanidins in cashew as well as the high copper content in it; Cashew nut helps fight against any cancerous cells and will help keeps you away from colon cancer.
2. Healthy Heart: When ...
DATE: Fri, 5th Oct. 2018. 6:01pm
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Partnering with God to maintain your child?s spiritual health

It is God's topmost desire that every child prospers in all areas of life, most importantly in their spiritual life.
He wants your child to be saved and to maintain a constant and cordial relationship with Him all through because in this lies his/ her all round prosperity.
However, as parents, you must partner with God to have this great goal achieved, as no one ever succeed in parenting without partnership with God.
Partnering with God to...
DATE: Fri, 5th Oct. 2018. 5:55pm
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Happy Birthday - October Celebrants

Bro. Alagbala Olasunkanmi - Oct.1
Adoga-Ega Clinton - Oct.2
Mummy Oba Stella - Oct.3
Akinsola Omotola - Oct.6
Mololuwa Ogunfowora - Oct.8
Sis. Obidiegwu Eunice - Oct.8
Sis. Tolulope Albert - Oct.9
Bro. Adewale Kuti - Oct.10
Bello Oluwapamilerin - Oct.12
Bro. Simeon Oluseyi - Oct.13
Sis. Ojo Sandra - Oct.13
Fagbuyiro Opeyemi - Oct.18
Bro. Akinyemi Olumide - Oct.22
Bello Oluwapekaire - Oct 23
Sis. Aderounmu Omotayo - Oct.26
Sis. ...
DATE: Fri, 5th Oct. 2018. 5:45pm
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On Saturday September 8, 2018, a younger 21 years old version of Serena Williams named Naomi Osaka outplayed Serena and became Japan?s first ever grand slam title holder. It was an unlikely final against Serena.
Here are Four(4) lessons I learned from this event and I believe they are invaluable.
One, if you are not inspired by the best you can never become the best.
Naomi has been inspired all her tennis career by the goddess of tennis- ...
DATE: Fri, 5th Oct. 2018. 5:12pm
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Almonds are an incredibly popular tree nut. Despite being high in fat, they are highly nutritious and extremely healthy.
? Almonds deliver a massive of nutrients.
? Almonds help to protect against stress.
? Almonds are high in Vitamin E which protects cell membranes from damage.
? Almonds can assist with blood sugar control.
? Almonds can lower cholesterol levels.
? Eating almonds reduces hunger, lowering your overall calorie intake.
? A...
DATE: Sat, 1st Sep. 2018. 9:49am
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Bro. Ayodele Balogun Sept. 2
Tofunmi Albert - Sept. 14
Mummy Adeola Comfort Sept. 16
Mary Ayodele - Sept. 17
Sis.Nwanegbo Ujunwa Sept. 17
Mummy Evelyn Ibitoye Sept. 17
Adekunle Enock - Sept.18
Sis.Bose Alasi - Sept. 22
Bro. Henry Olatunji - Sept. 25
Bro. Dapo Akinlolu - Sept. 25
Adeosun Moyosore - Sept. 25
Damilola Ademeso - Sept. 26
Kristine Nwanegbo - Sept 26
DATE: Sat, 1st Sep. 2018. 9:31am
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You can't go far in life if all you want is "Just enough"
? Just enough to pay bills.
? Just enough to fill your quota.
? Just enough to meet your target.
? Just enough to take care of family.
? Just enough to get past failure.
Many people play in life to "keep from losing". That's the surest way to lose. That was what Super Eagles did in Russia 2018. Keeping from losing is extremely different than playing to win. Those who play JUST well...
DATE: Sat, 1st Sep. 2018. 9:21am
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Happy Birthday - August Babies

Sis. Filani Adetutu Aug. 1
Akinlolu IfeOluwa Aug. 2
Sis. Vivian Akpata Aug. 6
Sis. Florence Olowookere Aug. 7
Simeon Oluwanifemi Aug. 11
Sis. Folasade Sanyaolu Aug.12
Bro. Ojo Olufemi Aug. 14
Daddy Adoga Ega Aug. 17
Sis. Taiwo Fagbuyiro Aug. 17
Bro. Alabi Adeola Aug. ...
DATE: Tue, 7th Aug. 2018. 1:26pm
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Russia 2018 has come and gone. I watched both as a football fan and entrepreneur. Here are a few lessons that I learned from this tournament and I belief they are relevant to your life and business:
1. Talent without character will ruin any man: Croatian striker Nikolai Kalinic is one of only two strikers taken to the world cup by Croatia. He refused to play as sub in the opening match of Croatia against Nigeria when he was brought in the 8...
DATE: Tue, 7th Aug. 2018. 11:48am
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Relationships Talk-Show by Men's Fellowship

The Reedemer's Men of RCCG KP invites you to:
*Talk Show On Relationships.
DATE: Saturday, 21st April 2018 @3pm-5pm.
*Grand Finale of Men's Week.
DATE: Sunday. 22nd April 2018 @7.30am & 10am
EVENT DATE: 3:00pm to 5:00pm on Saturday, 21st Apr. 2018
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